Design/Build, Design/Assist Services

The design build approach is standard daily practice for Gerrits. This project delivery system effectively collaborates the contractors and design team as one entity. This approach has been used by Gerrits for over four decades. Gerrits has developed a strategy. Over 60% of our all Gerrits projects are design/build design/assist. Our contribution to the design team means & methods, budgets, knowledge of viable trades and knowledge of systems available assist in maintaining budgets, schedules, and permitting process. This cradle to grave understanding of projects in which we effectively perform construction and design operation in parallel thus compressing of schedules, budgets, and permitting.


Construction Management 

As your construction manager, we always keep our clients as our top priority. Our construction management team is not just about completing the project, but also the attention to detail to make sure the project is completed at the highest standard. Gerrits ensures that our clients maintain control over all aspects of the construction. Whether building with Gerrits for the first time or the hundredth time our focus is to provide our clients with a worry free experience and complete satisfaction, Gerrits selects well-suited subcontractors with the right experience for you project. Our team promises to supply our clients with wide accountability with enhanced opportunities to fast track every project.


General Construction 

As an experienced South Florida Construction service provider, we have developed both the technical and administrative skills necessary to serve any size projects. As a general contractor for many projects throughout the southeastern United States, Gerrits has a reputation for quality, safety and staying on budget. We work to enhance your experience while working with you, to be able to be proud of the work for years to come.



We believe that the pre-construction phase of any project is one of vital importance. The most successful project is the one with the most accurate road map. We preform constructability analysis to identify opportunity for cost savings to help you avoid redesign fees while maximizing the owners intent for the project. This early, decisive phase will impact the entire project, affecting schedules and the overall quality of the finished project. Historically, Gerrits Construction, Inc. has been a key participant in pre-construction activities for most of our clients, which has enabled us to offer effective solutions regarding choice of materials, building systems, equipment, and methods of project delivery.
Some of the services we typically provide are:

  1. Attending project kick-off meeting to ascertain the owner's goals and objectives.
  2. Conduct project meetings with the owner, design team, and any other individuals as deemed necessary to deliver a quality project.
  3. Develop and continually update the budgets throughout the pre-construction phase.
  4. Develop project schedules identifying critical path, milestone dates and requirements for delivery and installation of furniture, fixtures, etc. Constantly update and monitor those schedules.
  5. Identify long lead items.



Safety is the most important component of any project for our clients, employees, subcontractors, and the general public. Gerrits works close with risk management professionals and insurance carriers to help maintain a safe work environment. Our daily goal is to achieve zero lost time on every project while ensuring the safety of each worker to be able to return to his or her family at the end of each day.



Gerrits reputation exceeds the standard 1-year warranty, as many clients will attest. Many times after the 1 year period, clients will call and ask Gerrits for help to resolve issues that affect their projects. Gerrits is always more than willing to come back and help.


Winner of the CASF Award for Safety Director of the Year Award!