Meet David Gerrits

David Gerrits, born and raised in Miami, Florida, is the third-generation Owner and CEO of Gerrits Construction, a general contracting company, which continues the legacy of the company founded in 1945 by his grandfather, Edward J. Gerrits. Generation after generation, this family developed an international general contracting company, which built, remodeled and renovated healthcare, educational, and commercial facilities in 9 different countries and 18 different states,ranging in prices from $5 million over $150 million. From a young age, David learned the important aspects of work ethics and business philosophy from both his grandfather and father. The experiences shared within the family while continuing business abroad, allowed David to thoroughly understand the intricacies of the construction business and work alongside people from assorted cultures and walks of life. It was because of the vast experience David gained from working with the founders of this family company that he was able to establish the business philosophy that his own company runs on today.The LEAN approach is what David and his team of professionals instill daily to successfully complete hundreds of projects, always resulting in repeat business and satisfied owners.  When David became the Owner of the company, he drew upon the important lessons learned from both the professional and personal side of the business. One significant lesson he learned was to not lose sight of what was most important; and to David, that was his family. Most of his business is now focused in the State of Florida so family can remain a top priority for him and his employees, who average tenure of over 30 years with the company. While profits are a goal for every company, few owners can say they utilize the profits of their to participate in morale boosting activities for their employees and most importantly, donate back to the communities that have provided project opportunities. This is something that David takes pride in, and hopes to continue to encourage potential for both the company and his employees as the company continues to grow. David has and will always live by the philosophy that is you are driven to do things right the first time, treat everyone with respect and love your employees as your own family, the finances of the business will take care of themselves.